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Psychology & Psychotherapy Titles


The Archipelago of Consciousness
Mauro Maldonato

Awakening Body Consciousness
Patty de Llosa

Beyond the Disappointment of Sex
Margaret Christie-Brown

Child Psychotherapy, War and the Normal Child
Margaret Lowenfeld

Countertransference in Perspective
Edited by Dov R. Aleksandrowicz, MD and Anna O. Aleksandrowicz

Decision Making
Mauro Maldonato

Decision-Making and Law
Silvia Dell’Orco

Expressing the Shape and Colour of Personality
Thérèse Mei-Yau Woodcock

Finding Time for Your Self
Patty de Llosa

The French Revolution
Harold Behr

The Myth of Tantalus
Shlomo Shoham

The Mytho-Empiricism of Gnosticism
Shlomo Shoham

The Narcissism of Empire
Diane Simmons

Natural Logic
Mauro Maldonato and Silvia Dell-Orco

The Nightly Act of Dreaming
Ryan Friesen

Play in Childhood
Margaret Lowenfeld

Edited by Mauro Maldonato and Paolo Augusto Masullo

The Predictive Brain
Mauro Maldonato

The Psychoanalysis of Science
Yehoyakim Stein

Tragic Manhood and Democracy
David A. J. Richards

Understanding Children’s Sandplay
Margaret Lowenfeld

Visions of Aging
Amir Cohen-Shalev