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Constructing Collective Identities and Shaping Public Spheres
Latin American Paths

Edited by Luis Roniger and Mario Sznajder

Author text to follow


The contributors include David Brading, David Cahill, S. N. Eisenstadt, Jean Franco, Tamar Herzog, Leonardo Senkman, Batia Siebzehner, Alberto Spectorowski, Carlos Waisman

Preface and Acknowledgments

1 Introduction: Examining Collective Identities and Public Spheres in Latin America
Luis Roniger and Mario Sznajder

Part I Formative Trends
2 Patriotism and the Nation in Colonial Spanish America
David Brading

3 “A Stranger in a Strange Land”: The Conversion of Foreigners into Members in Colonial Latin
Tamar Herzog

4 After the Fall: Constructing Incan Identity in Late Colonial Cuzco
David Cahill

Part II Collective Identities and the Reshaping of Public Spheres
5 Collective Identity and Democratic Construction: The Cases of Argentina and Uruguay
Alberto Spektorowski

6 The Transformation of Collective Identities: Immigrant Communities under the Populist
Regimes Vargas and Peron
Leonardo Senkman

7 The Dynamics of National Identity Frames: The Case of Argentina in the Twentieth Century Carlos Waisman

8 Human Rights Violations and the Reshaping of Collective Identities in the Redemocratized
Southern Cone
Luis Roniger

Part III The Cultural Construction of Collective Identities
9 Who is a Chilean? The Mapuche, the Huaso and the Roto as the Basic Symbols of Chilean
Collective Identity
Mario Sznajder

10 Shaping Collective Identity through Educational Reforms in Paraguay
Batia Siebzehner

11 Latin American Intellectuals and Collective Identity
Jean Franco

Part IV Comparative Perspectives and Conclusions
12 The Construction of Collective Identities in Latin America: Beyond the European Nation State Model
Shmuel N. Eisenstadt

13 Latin American Paths: Themes on the Research Agenda
Mario Sznajder and Luis Roniger

List of Contributors

“An exceptional book, which for the first time decodes and explains the battles fought between imagination and reality in the construction of Latin America’s collective identities.” Tomás Eloy Martínez, Director of the Latin American Program of Rutgers University

“Deserves to be read by all those who take a serious interest in the construction of identity.” David Lehmann, Director of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge


Publication Details

Hardback ISBN:
Page Extent / Format:
288 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
Release Date:
March 1998
  Illustrated:   No
Hardback Price:
£45.00 / $65.00

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