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Art History Titles


This directory of titles addresses the growing interest in art history at universities and higher education institutions.

Art, Crime and Madness
Shlomo Giora Shoham

The Art of Time, The Art of Place
Ruth Dorot

Beyond the Border
Tessa Murdoch

Changing Perceptions: Milestones in Twentieth-Century British Portraiture
Elizabeth Cayzer

The Discovery of El Greco
Eric Storm

Zsuzsa Baross

Going for Gold
Edited by Tessa Murdoch and Heike Zech

Michele Tosini and the Ghirlandaio Workshop in Cinquecento Florence
Heidi J. Hornik

The Mystery of the Real
Jeffrey Meyers

The Mythical Indies and Columbus’s Apocalyptic Letter
Elizabeth Moore Willingham

Pablo Picasso: The Interaction between Collectors and Exhibitions, 1899–1939
Dr. Enrique Mallen

Pablo Picasso: The Aphrodite Period (1924–1936)
Dr. Enrique Mallen

Pablo Piasso and Dora Maar: Conflict and Metamorphosis (1936–1946)
Dr. Enrique Mallen

Symbolic Allusion, Temporal Illusion
Ruth Dorot

Street Art Tel Aviv
Curated, photographed and introduced by Lord K2 and Lois Stavsky

Waiting at the Shore
Paul Quintanilla