The Last Days of T. E. Lawrence

A Leaf in the Wind

Paul Marriott’s The Young Lawrence of Arabia 1888–1910 was published to critical acclaim.

“It is quiet here now, and I feel as though I were fixed in my cottage for good. It is as I thought … smething is finished with my leaving the RAF. … It gets worse instead of healing over … At present the feeling is mere bewilderment. I imagine leaves must feel like this after they have fallen from their tree and until they die.”

The Last Days of T.E. Lawrence is a chronicle of the time from when Lawrence of Arabia left the RAF up to his fateful motorcycle accident on 13 May 1935. Much of the story is told in Lawrence’s own words, from diaries and letters. It covers his time at Clouds Hill, the picturesque cottage in Dorset, where Lawrence intended to retire.

Influenced by Lawrence's last and unpublished writing project, "Leaves in the Wind," A Leaf in the Wind reveals his state of mind as he prepared to leave the RAF. Travelling on his Brough Superior motorcycle along a narrow Dorset lane, Lawrence collided with two pushbikes. An official witness told of Lawrence travelling fast, and swerving to avoid a black car coming in the opposite direction. This book painstakingly fits together all the evidence to determine the truth of the motorcycle crash that led to the death of Lawrence of Arabia. For the first time a detailed record is set down covering the last six days before the accident.

Meticulously researched by Paul Marriott and Yvonne Argent, their painstaking investigations reveal many new insights into Lawrence's life, activities and interests.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-898595-22-9
Paperback Price: £19.95 / $24.95
Release Date: 1998
Page Extent / Format: 208 pp. / 234 x 156 mm
Illustrated: Yes, with plate section


Preface and Acknowledgements

1 Early Days at Bridlington, 15–21 November 1934
2 Surroundings, 22 November–19 December 1934
3 Clouds Hill for Christmas, 20–31 December 1934
4 The Old Man, 1–20 January 1935
5 RAF Finale, 21 January–17 February 1935
6 Explosion, 17–25 February 1935 53
7 The Long Ride Home, 26 February–5 March 1935
8 The Invasion, 6–26 March 1935
9 The Omen, 27 March–24 April 1935
10 Pottering, 25 April–12 May 1935
11 Brough Superior, GW 2275 –George VII
12 On the 13th Day of May
13 The Long Wait, 14–19 May 1935
14 Inquest and Funeral, 21 May 1935
15 Crash Witness – Corporal E. F. Catchpole
16 Crash Witness – Frank Fletcher
17 Crash Witness – Albert Hargraves
18 Indirect Witnesses
19 Clouds Hill

References and Notes
Maps, Diagrams and Appendices

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