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  You are in: Home > Alpha Press > The Visions, Revelations and Teachings of Angela of Foligno  

The Visions, Revelations and Teachings of Angela of Foligno
A Member of the Third Order of St Francis

Selected and modernised by Margaret Gallyon

Author text to follow


“A good way into knowing and appreciating Angela… the book will enable her to take the place she deserves.” Society of Saint Francis

“An accessible collection. Contains an introduction outlining Angela’s life, and literary sources.” Church Times

Part One: Visions and Revelations
Chapter One Repentance Leading to Enlightenment
Chapter Two God Speaks to Angela on the Way to Assisi
Chapter Three She Sees God as Supreme Beauty
Chapter Four God Reveals His Power and His Humility
Chapter Five She Meditates on Christ’s Passion and is Consoled by a Vision of His Beauty
Chapter Six She Sees God as Supreme Wisdom
Chapter Seven Her Vision of the Virgin Mary
Chapter Eight Her Second Vision of the Blessed Virgin
Chapter Nine She Feels Christ Embracing her Soul
Chapter Ten She Sees the Supreme Justice of God
Chapter Eleven She Meditates on Christ’s Passion
Chapter Twelve A Second Meditation on Christ’s Passion
Chapter Thirteen She Sees God even though Darkly
Chapter Fourteen She is Told that her Revelations are No Deception
Chapter Fifteen She Seeks a Sign from God
Chapter Sixteen God Teaches her the Value of Suffering
Chapter Seventeen Angela Counts over her Sins and Offences
Chapter Eighteen She and her Companion Visit and Serve the Sick
Chapter Nineteen God is Everywhere, In and Over All Things
Chapter Twenty She Sees God as Transcendent Love
Chapter Twenty-one Visions Concerning the Eucharist
Chapter Twenty-two The Poverty of Christ
Chapter Twenty-three She Describes her Bitter Sufferings and Temptations
Chapter Twenty-four Consolations in her Sufferings
Chapter Twenty-five An Illumination of Mind Concerning Salvation
Chapter Twenty-six A Vision Concerning her Disciples

Part Two: Teachings
Chapter Twenty-seven When God Lives in the Soul He Enlightens It
Chapter Twenty-eight The Importance of Knowing God and Knowing Oneself
Chapter Twenty-nine On Knowing God as He Truly Is
Chapter Thirty Knowledge of God is a Gift of Grace
Chapter Thirty-one Christ’s Acceptance of Suffering and Our Reluctance to Suffer
Chapter Thirty-two We Should Serve God Without Looking for a Reward
Chapter Thirty-three Three Kinds of Prayer
Chapter Thirty-four Obedience to the Will of God
Chapter Thirty-five The Greater the Temptation the Greater the Need to Pray
Chapter Thirty-six The Humility and Example of Christ
Chapter Thirty-seven True and False Love
Chapter Thirty-eight How it may be Known that God has Entered the Soul
Chapter Thirty-nine Visions and Consolations
Chapter Forty The Way to Find God
Chapter Forty-one The Benefits of Tribulation
Chapter Forty-two The Eucharist
Chapter Forty-three Angela’s Last Piece of Writing
Chapter Forty-four Her Final Piece of Advice to her Spiritual Children
Chapter Forty-five Angela’s Death as Reported by her Disciples

Further Reading

Reviews to follow


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160 pp. / 229 x 152 mm
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  Illustrated:   No
Paperback Price:
£17.95 / $24.95

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