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This new series will publish high-quality scholarly books on the entire spectrum of the Portuguese-speaking world, with particular emphasis on the modern history, culture, and politics of Portugal, Brazil, and Africa. The series, which will be open to a variety of approaches, will offer fresh insights into a wide range of topics covering diverse historical and geographical contexts. Particular preferences will be given to books that reflect interdisciplinarity and innovative methodologies. The editors encourage the submission of proposals for single author as well as collective volumes.

For information and proposal submissions, please contact António Costa Pinto, Institute of Social Science, University of Lisbon, Av. Professor Anibal Betencourt 9, 1600-189 Lisbon, Portugal.


A Present Past
Rodrigo Patto Sá Motta

The Brazilian Revolution of 1930
Edited by Luciano Aronne De Abreu and Marco Aurélio Vannucchi

Dictatorship and the Electoral Vote
Carlos Domper Lasús

Embracing the Past, Designing the Future
Luciano Aronne de Abreu and Luís Carlos dos Passos Martins

The Eruption of Insular Identities
Brianna Medeiros

Fernando Pessoa
Jerónimo Pizarro

The First Portuguese Republic
Miriam Pereira

Frei Betto
Américo Oscar Guichard Freire and Evanize Martins Sydow

From Lisbon to the World
George Monteiro

Inequality in the Portuguese-Speaking World
Edited by Francisco Bethencourt

Literary Censorship in Francisco Franco's Spain and Getulio Vargas' Brazil, 1936–1945
Gabriela de Lima Grecco

The Locusts
Gary Thorn

The Global History of Portugal
Edited by Carlos Fiolhais, José Eduardo Franco and José Pedro Paiva

The Lusophone World
Sarah Ashby

Marcello Caetano and the Portuguese “New State”
Francisco Martinho

The Military and Political in Authoritarian Brazil
Lucia Grinberg

On Guard Against the Red Menace
Rodrigo Patto Sá Motta

The Politics of Representation
Edited by Pedro Tavares de Almeida & Javier Moreno Luzón

Politics and Religion in the Portuguese Colonial Empire in Africa (1890–1930)
Hugo Gonçalves Dores

The Portuguese at War
Nuno Severiano Teixeira

Portuguese Economic Development and External Funding in the Modern Era
Edited by Nuno Cunha Rodrigues & Alice Cunha

Portuguese Orientalism
Edited by Marta Pacheco Pinto and Catarina Apolinário de Almeida

The Portuguese Revolution of 1974–1975
Maria Inácia Rezola

Rebuilding a Blue Nation
Álvaro Garrido

‘To Feel All Things in Every Way’
Ricardo Vasconcelos