Peace Politics in the Middle East

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Studies in Peace Politics in the Middle East aims to present volumes that provide a forum for critical debate between scholars and politicians from all over the Middle East. The focus is on presenting solutions to seemingly intractable problems and situations, and to explain the ramifications of their potential implementation.

Some volumes are published in association with the University of Oklahoma Press
and include forewords by HRH Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan.

The Israeli–Palestinian Peace Process
Edited by R. L. Rothstein, Moshe Ma’oz, and Khalil Shikaki

The Middle East Peace Process
Edited by Joseph Ginat, Edward Perkins, and Ed Corr

The Palestinian Impasse in Lebanon
Simon Haddad

The Palestinian Refugees
Edited by Joseph Ginat and Edward Perkins

The Search for Israeli–Arab Peace
Edited by Edwin G. Corr, Joseph Ginat and Shaul Gabbay

Water in the Middle East
Edited by David Hambright, F. Jamil Ragep and Joseph Ginat