Middle East & North African Studies

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Prof. Michael M. Laskier
Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Bar-Ilan University, Israel &
The Middle Eastern Departmental Unit at
The Western Galilee Academic College

The primary aim of the series is to engage in social, military, political and cultural debates in the region, with special emphasis on Israel and the Arab World and Israel's relationship with its Mediterranean neighbours. The series is aimed at general history of the region, with a view to determining how much past history, local/international antagonisms and religious differences lie at the heart of current politics and strategy in the area. To this end, book proposals will be sought over a wide range of topics, including from medieval to contemporary periods; majority/minority populations; ethnicity and radicalism; and the impact of geographical difference. The multi-disciplinary approach in politics, economics, sociology, anthropology, social history, psychology, demography, immigration, and domestic policy allows for multi-faceted viewpoints on a region that has long been a pivot of international political discourse and policy.