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Critical Voices offers accessible introductions to the key ideas of significant thinkers in literary studies and cultural criticism. The “critical voice” format is unique in that the discussion and polemical interventions of each volume are primarily staged by the critic and set in the cadence of his or her own words. The series engages in multi-format editions, to include Readers, Interviews and Interview Collections. A common theme is the necessity to provide a platform for student engagement in the formation and use of literary ideas. The General Editor of the series is David Jonathan Y. Bayot, Director of the De La Salle University Publishing House, Manila, The Philippines. Publications are jointly published by the University and Sussex Academic Press.

Deconstruction After All
Christopher Norris

Derek Attridge in Conversation
Derek Attridge

Edited by Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr and Shirley O. Lua

Filipinas Everywhere
E. San Juan, Jr.

For the Tempus-Fugitives
Christopher Norris

The Matter of Rhyme
Christopher Norris

Reading Inside Out
Interviews and Conversations by J. Hillis Miller

The Uselessness of Art
Peter Lamarque