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Welcome to our new Press website, which has been redesigned to accommodate web browsing on different devices (computers, tablets and mobile phones) and to adjust screen size and resolution according to the device being used. The main editorial changes are to a new “To Publish” button for prospective authors and a more substantive “Resources” drop down menu. I very much hope that the new website meets web browsers’ approval in terms of usefulness and ease of navigation.

Sussex Academic serves the international academic community and promotes learning and scholarship to a global audience. The editorial and production staff are committed to publishing to the highest standards across a wide range of academic subject disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Press supports authors through strong editorial and development skills, and is committed to serving the world of scholarship by promoting our authors’ writing and research endeavours so that they make the maximum impact on their readership and profession.

The Press publishing programme addresses issues of contemporary relevance and debate in Middle East topics, Theology & Religion, History, and Literary Criticism. University editorship and publishing cooperation with universities mostly falls under the Sussex Libraries of Study, which include Latin American, First Nations, Spanish History, and Asian studies. Two new series have been launched: The Portuguese-Speaking World: Its History, Politics and Culture, under the editorship of António Costa Pinto, Onésimo T. Almeida and Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo; and Critical Voices, offering accessible introductions to the key ideas of significant thinkers in literary studies and cultural criticism, under the editorship of David Jonathan Y. Bayot.

The just launched Middle East and North African series will engage in social, military, political and cultural debates in the region, with special emphasis on Israel and the Arab World and Israel’s relationship with its Mediterranean neighbours.

A new edition (Autumn 2020 to Summer 2021) of our e-Catalogue is available for download on the Home page. It comprises a selection of forthcoming titles and recently published titles. Press e-Book availability is e-Book alerted in the publication information field on the web page of each book; additional information is provided under the Resources tab.

Marketing and Distribution in North America is undertaken by Independent Publishers Group (IPG) of Chicago. IPG is the second largest independent book distributor in the United States. Its innovative publisher services and extensive marketing reach provide excellent sales potential in the challenging academic book sales market.

In 2019 the Press celebrated 25 years of service to scholarly publishing. The Press continues to commission actively. All books submitted to the Press are refereed by external academic advisors.

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“Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations . . . Their authors are a natural and irresistible aristocracy in every society, and, more than kings and emperors, exert an influence on mankind.”

Henry David Thoreau, 1817–62