Data Protection

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Data Protection

The Press website is not e-commerce enabled, but links to our UK and US distributor ordering systems. Our UK distributor, Gazelle Books Services, is e-commerce enabled, and follows all necessary data protection directives, including the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new set of data laws fit for the digital age, which came into effect in May 2018. In particular, Gazelle does not track personal identifiers such as device IDs, IP addresses and cookie IDs; nor do they keep credit card details after completion of book purchases (web or phone). Our US distributor actions similar stringent safeguards with respect to private data and information supplied.

As part of the Press marketing of books, authors provide personal information in the Book Proposal and Marketing Questionnaire (MQ) forms. These forms are held securely in electronic and paper format at the Press, and at the offices and systems of our UK and US distributors. The information provided in the MQ is used to send out publishing notices to prospective purchasers and review bodies, and to best arrange delivery of complimentary copies to authors and reviewers. The forms are not passed, sold or shared by the Press or our distributors.

It is the Press understanding that authors have provided personal information by consent as a means to best service their proposed publication by Sussex Academic.