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The Press publishes three types of e-Book: ePDF – primarily for libraries; ePUB and Mobi (Kindle) – for reader devices. Most books published by the press are available in ePDF and increasingly also in ePUB as the format develops. Mobi (Kindle) format is available via Amazon for books with a trade and adoption market.

Books in e-PDF and ePUB formats for libraries and scholars are sold via e-booksellers such as ProQuest and EBSCO. Kindle availability can be determined by looking for the title on the Amazon .com and sites. General e-Book availability is best sourced via:, by book title.

E-book title availability is alerted on the press website by eBook logo in the publication information field on the web page; however, the only way to determine if the e-book is available in Kindle format is to go to the Amazon .com and sites.