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An e-catalogue of forthcoming titles (Autumn 2013–Summer 2014) and subject category series is now available.

Featured New Release

Going for Gold
Craftsmanship and Collecting of Gold Boxes

Edited by Tessa Murdoch and Heike Zech


“A wonderful compilation of knowledge.” Christiane Grégoire, Musée Cognacq Jay, Paris

“A tremendous success including groundbreaking research proving Hanau was one of the most important centres of the production of gold boxes in the eighteenth century. The symposium brought forward not just new research but also new or not widely known researchers.” Fabian Stein, London

“Gold boxes are a delectable and tangible microcosm of the art and society from which they come, and this is also true of the innovative scholarship devoted to them today. Their passion and expertise is magnificently captured here in Tessa Murdoch’s and Heike Zech’s superb editing of the internationally-acclaimed papers given at the Going for Gold conference at the Wallace Collection and the V&A, London, in 2010.” Dame Rosalind Savill, former Director of The Wallace Collection

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