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Featured New Release

The Discovery of El Greco
The Nationalization of Culture versus the Rise of Modern Art (1860–1914)

Eric Storm


Eric Storm sets out to explain how the artistic re-discovery of El Greco was not a mere matter of changing taste, but was driven by societal development, what he terms the nationalization of culture. Herewith an extremely relevant book at a time of debate about the definition and value of art. Tom Verschaffel, Geschiedenis Magazine [History Magazine], Winter 2007

In The Discovery of El Greco, more correctly termed the Re-Discovery, Eric Storm shows how the rise of nationalism and of modern art had an impact on the transformation of artistic taste. Eric Storm has sketched a fascinating picture of cultural and artistic development in Europe in the past two centuries. De Tijd [The Time], November 2006

An indispensable book for lovers of this ‘strange’ genius and, paradoxically, so thoroughly Spanish, for all those who want to approach the construction of the Western canon at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. ... Storm addresses that aspect of the humanities that is largely forgotten and, at the same time, so needed: the reception of the [artistic] product of an author. David Felipe Arranz, El Imparcial [The Impartial], August 2011

Eric Storm accurately describes how in the course of a few years, figures as relevant as Manet, Degas, Cossio, Rusiñol, Kandinsky, Picasso and many others, did justice to an artist ahead of his time. ... It is a very instructive work for those who want to delve into this spectacular artistic event. Irene Galicia, Arte y parte [Art and Part], Autumn 2011

Professor Storm rightly recognizes that nationalist feelings in Spain, favouring the tradition of realistic as opposed to idealistic art, may have distorted Spanish responses to El Greco in the nineteenth century. His book is an invaluable compendium of changing attitudes to El Greco particularly from the Impressionists onwards, paying due attention to the varying cultural contexts in which the views were expressed, and in the Conclusion, provides a quite admirable overview of Julius Meier-Graefe’s contribution to the rediscovery of and spread of interest in the work of the artist. Nigel Glendinning, Bulletin of Spanish Studies (2014)

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