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An e-catalogue of forthcoming titles (Autumn 2014–Summer 2015) and subject category series is now available.

Featured New Release

On the Account in the ‘Golden Age’
Piracy and the Americas, 1670–1726

Joseph Gibbs


“Books on English and colonial piracy, especially of its Golden Age in the early eighteenth century, have overwhelmed the lists of publications in the past decade. One would have thought that there could be nothing new of interest. Yet Joseph Gibbs’ On the Account in the ‘Golden Age’ has beaten the odds. The readable, deeply researched, intelligently selected, and at times authoritatively narrated accounts that comprise his chapters are a rich and serious contribution to the subject, and told with narrative verve and an historian's solidity.” Manuel Schonhorn Professor of British History and Literature, Emeritus, Southern Illinois University

In sum, On the Account is a worthy addition to the proliferating literature on the maritime Americas in the Age of Revolution. No comparable volume of carefully authenticated and resourced documents on the topic exists, and each chapter serves as a rich cache of primary material ready to serve as the bedrock of a course's exploration of that topic or incident. … [T]he very valuable act of bringing together these rich, varied resources for an important and understudied era of maritime violence is a valuable contribution to our expanding knowledge of piracy in and around the Americas after the end of the “golden age.” M.T. Rafferty, International Journal of Maritime History

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